18-lot neighborhood planned near Riverdale

Board hears study on apartment moratorium

Two homes built more than 50 years ago are scheduled to come down to make way for an 18-lot development just west of Riverdale Park on Neshoba Road.
The Planning Commission was scheduled to discuss the matter last week.
The applicant, Albertine Company, requested approval of an 18 lot single-family planned unit development on two existing lots (6.51 acres) located within the low-density single-family residential zoning district.
Both properties have existing single family homes on them that will be removed upon redevelopment, one built in 1950 and the other in 1967.
The two combined parcels are bordered by single family homes on all four sides.
Although properties to the north and northwestern portions of the site along Neshoba Road are located within the “R” zoning district, the properties adjacent to the east, south and southwestern sides of the site are within the “R-1” Medium-Density Single-Family Residential zoning district.
The two existing parcels are identified as lots 1 and 2 of the Flynn subdivision, which was approved by the Memphis and Shelby County Planning Commission on May 19, 1960 and the Shelby County Boards of Commissioners on June 17, 1960.
The final subdivision plat was recorded with the Shelby County Register’s Office.
On Dec. 23, 1964, Germantown annexed the property with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s approval.
The project is a single phased, single-family residential development located within an older area of Germantown. The applicant has requested approval of both the outline and final plans simultaneously.
The final plan reflects a single entrance public street with common opens space on both sides, which splits into a circular road system with additional common open space in the center and residential lots around the outer perimeter.


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