Around 20 percent of students in ‘Three Gs’ expected to return to in-person learning


Following the trends of other Shelby County Schools, elementary students attending Germantown’s “Three Gs” are returning to in-person learning sooner than middle and high schoolers.
Nearly 40 percent of elementary students in SCS were scheduled to attend class in-person beginning this Monday, while middle and high schoolers within the district are expected to return at 29 and 24 percent, respectively, on March 8.
Around 25 percent of students at Germantown Elementary School were slated to return this week, according to parent survey results. The school’s enrollment is listed at 603 students.
Germantown Middle is expecting the return of around 20 percent of its student body, which is listed at 812.
Germantown High will see a return of around 13 percent of its students. The school’s enrollment is about 1,969.
Nearby SCS schools like Cordova Elementary, Middle and High are expecting the return of around 40, 32 and 21 percent of students, respectively. Ridgeway High will see around 30 percent of its 908 students return to class and Southwind High is expecting only a 9-percent return of 1,491 students.
SCS Superintendent Joris Ray noted that “all students will continue learning through live videoconferencing so parents feel their children are being instructed equally.”
Around 32 percent of students are expected to attend online classes from their classrooms, while the remaining students will take online classes from remote locations.


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