Awareness and Safety: How To Spot a Distracted Driver

Awareness and Safety: How To Spot a Distracted Driver

The road is home to a multitude of different hazards for drivers and their passengers. But while we all know to be careful around road construction and accident sites, we tend to ignore the threats that could be hiding around us. This is why distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes and the reason behind their more severe injuries. This is how to spot a distracted driver and what signs to look for when determining your safety.

Constantly Looking Down

It isn’t comforting to notice that the driver next to you is glancing downward a lot. This is because it means they’re likely looking at their phone or fidgeting with something. Items like these tend to hold our attention because they involve performing a physical action. So, once a driver becomes distracted by them, the chances are greater that they’ll continue looking at the object every chance they get. As their focus slowly moves further away from the road, the risk of an accident increases.

Obvious Chewing or Drinking

Another form of distraction comes in the form of eating or drinking. While we’ve all been guilty of snacking during a road trip or taking an occasional swig of water, consuming a full meal behind the wheel can lead to trouble. Since larger sandwiches require both hands to eat properly, they require an individual to remove their hands from the wheel. So, if you notice that a driver is eating or drinking a lot, it’s often in your best interest to keep your distance.

Erratic Driving Behaviors

You can also spot a distracted driver by how they’re driving around you. Individuals who are struggling to maintain their focus on the road are more likely to swerve in and out of lanes, stop and accelerate suddenly, and even run through red lights. As such, it’s easier for them to collide with another vehicle during one of these sudden movements. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you maintain a reasonable distance from cars that exhibit these habits and even change lanes to avoid their path.

Unfortunately, getting hit by a distracted driver isn’t as rare as many individuals want to believe. That’s why you should always know what to look out for, how to avoid them, and who to call should you end up in a collision. Fortunately, distracted driving accident attorneys are always ready to fight for your settlement and will work hard to get you what you need.