Best Things You Can Buy From Military Surplus

Best Things You Can Buy From Military Surplus

In most cases, people buy from surplus stores to save some money on high-quality materials. But if your wallet is big enough, there are lots of other things you could pick up. These are the best things you can buy from military surplus.

Medical Equipment

The military uses a wide range of medical equipment both in the field and back at home. This can mean anything from thermometers to prosthetics, microscopes, and even examination tables. However, when they buy too many, these supplies become surplus items. Many doctor’s offices and hospitals buy up these medical supplies to save money.


These are some of the most popular things that the military sells. Many of them have quite a bit of damage, but civilians and ex-military people mostly buy them as repair projects to build their dream cars. There’s a wide range of vehicles that the military uses and then sells off. It includes everything from modern sports cars to WWII-era Jeeps. This can be a great way to source a body for a car restoration project.


Although they’re less common than medical equipment and cars, it’s not too rare to find massive military ships for sale on surplus sites. One example of a specific listing you might see could be a barge with sleeping quarters for up to 74 people. You may be thinking to yourself, “What would I do with such a vessel?” But the answer is irrelevant—what matters is that you can buy it you want.

Drilling Rigs

Yes, these are entire drilling rigs. If you’ve ever wondered whether your summer home might have oil beneath it, now you can find out. Again, this isn’t to say you should buy these things. But it may be useful to know that with enough money, you can. Giant pieces of complex machinery are certainly among the best things you can buy from military surplus.

You can buy just about anything the government uses from it once it has decided it doesn’t need it anymore. Whether it’s medical equipment, cars, ships, or entire drilling rigs, if the military uses it, you can buy it.