Education Commission honors Teacher, Student of the Month


The October Teacher of the Month and Youth Excellence winners were honored by the Education Commission at the Oct. 11 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The October Teacher of the Month was awarded to Ms. Laura Wade, a second grade teacher at Riverdale School.
Since she was a little girl, Ms. Wade has known she would follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a teacher. She is now in her sixteenth year at Riverdale and continues to be a student favorite.

Nomination letters from previous students note that she is gentle and sweet, “like a mom,” and that she always tried to make learning fun. Parents also appreciate her use of positive reinforcement to help students reach their potential.
Ms. Wade encourages students’ families to get involved at the school and she practices what she preaches.

She has been involved in the jump rope team, tech team and has won the Walk Across Tennessee competition for the last three years.

She has served in leadership positions such as level chair, technology coach, painting committee, climate committee and sunshine committee.

She is proud to have served as a mentor for two teacher candidates who currently hold teacher positions at Riverdale.
The October Youth Excellence Award was presented to Stephanie Slavick, a senior at St. Agnes Academy.
Stephanie is a versatile, intelligent, dynamic and involved student. Her innate aptitude, strong work ethic and intellectual curiosity propel her academic engagement as well as her leadership and participation in many facets of high school life.

Stephanie has a 5.0 GPA, earned in St. Agnes’ most rigorous courses. Although she has accumulated many credits in honors and AP courses across subjects, she is particularly interested in science and math.

This passion informs her interest in the medical field.

In addition, Stephanie is a recognized leader on campus, serving as an officer in the STEM Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honors Society and Stars for Life. She also serves as a retreat leader, a coveted position as St. Agnes.

Stephanie has been involved in the school’s theatre program throughout high school and has earned many accolades for her performances.

A commitment to service is a strong indicator of leadership, and Stephanie makes service a priority in her life.

She serves as a math lab tutor daily during her activity period, participates in Catholic Heart Work Camp and mission trips during the summer and volunteers to bag food at her church’s food pantry. She also volunteers as a summer theatre camp counselor at St. Agnes.

Each month during the school year, the Germantown Education Commission honors a teacher and student. Winners are selected from those nominated by parents, students, teachers or school administrators. Youth Excellence Award winners must be a high school senior living in Germantown, but can attend any school.

Teacher of the Month award winners must teach in a public or private school within Germantown. For more information about Education Commission awards for students and teachers, visit