Germantown Rugby Club earns bid to National Championship


The Germantown Rugby Club’s high school boys team has earned a bid to the High School National Championship tournament.

This is a hard earned accomplishment for a sport that has exponentially grown in the community. 

For those who may not know, the Germantown Rugby Club is a community-based, non-for-profit organization that provides contact rugby for boys and girls ages 12 to 18.

The Germantown Rugby Club’s high school boys team are defending state champions and are currently ranked 18th in the nation, while the middle school boys and high school girls are state runners up. 

Rugby made its way into the Germantown community in 2009 with the inception of the high school program coached by Marc Holley and Rob Halcomb.

In 2010, Kevin Roedel started the middle school feeder program at Riverdale and Houston Middle School. In 2016, Kevin Wright, Brooks Williams, Jim Wilson and Kevin Roedel stepped up to take over the high school program when Marc Holley retired.

In 2016, the high school team won their conference title. In 2018 and 2019, the high school team won the state championship.

The team has now earned a bid to represent the state of Tennessee at the High School National Championship tournament in Kansas City this summer. 

We would like to extend our congratulations to the coaching staff, the players and the parents of the program for their hard work, dedication and support. 


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