Health Dept. corrects statement regarding positive COVID-19 cases in Germantown


The Shelby County Health Department has issued a correction to a statement made during the Health Department/Joint Task Force media availability on Sept. 10.
During the briefing, Health Department Deputy Director David Sweat stated in error that the COVID-19 positivity rate in the Germantown area is 12.8 percent. The most recent positivity rate for the Germantown zip codes is 8.3 percent. Positivity rate refers to the percentage of tests conducted that are positive and it is an indication of the prevalence of the virus in the population.
“SCHD regrets the error and is glad to set the record straight about the positivity rate in Germantown. However, recent increases in positivity in the suburban and rural parts of Shelby County are concerning, including the 38018 zip code, which includes Cordova. That is the zip code with a 12.8 percent positivity rate which Mr. Sweat mistakenly attributed to Germantown.”
The Health Department encourages all Shelby County residents, regardless of where they live, to continue to wear masks and facial coverings when in public, observe social distancing recommendations of at least six feet, and wash hands frequently. Those measures are proven to help reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus, thereby reducing illness and deaths among vulnerable populations.
For more information about COVID-19 in Shelby County, visit our COVID-19 webpage at or call the Health Department’s COVID-19 hotline at 833-943-1658.


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