How To Be a Successful High Schooler During a Pandemic

How To Be a Successful High Schooler During a Pandemic

The hallways, lockers, quick conversations, science demonstrations, dramatic poetry readings, and music class. With a pandemic looming, these don’t look the same or are nonexistent. Though the rhythms of high school are interrupted, you can still look back on this year with pride in your academic, extracurricular, and social successes. To help, here’s how to be a successful high schooler during a pandemic.

Equip Yourself

First off, make sure you have the right school supplies. Keep in mind, the supplies you need now will be different from what you’d need in a normal year.

If you’re virtual, make sure your tech is reliable. Your entire education funnels through your computer now—if your school doesn’t supply one, save up for a suitable one. Tech aside, though, still use paper and pen. It’s easier to remember notes you write out than if you were to type them all.

For those going in-person, stock up on masks. It’s disruptive to your education to forget or break a mask and not have a backup.

Create Space and Time to Focus

Another virtual school tip: carve out focus time and space. Your home’s now your classroom, so help your brain fall into a rhythm by mainly doing schoolwork at a desk. Resist associating school with where you sleep or eat.

More important than space is setting aside time. The unpredictability of home creeps in fast. You have the internet at your fingertips to distract you, siblings running around, and pets crying out for attention. When you repeatedly lose focus, you can’t delve deeply into any one subject. To take back your focus, tell people in your house the times you want to be alone and slowly ramp up how much quiet time you use for school.

Maintain Social Ties

Our final tip regarding how to be a successful high schooler during a pandemic involves intentionally maintaining friendships throughout the year. Even though most get-togethers aren’t taking place, finds opportunities to do socially distant in-person activities, especially before it gets cold. Other times, get into a routine of having video chats and messaging. There is more to high school than getting good grades, you know.


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