How to Help Charities Without Leaving your Home

How to Help Charities Without Leaving your Home

If you find yourself stuck at home, whether due to COVID-19’s spread, a chronic mental or physical illness, or other difficulties, you may feel a lack of control over your surroundings. It’s natural to feel powerless when you don’t often go outside and interact with people. To counteract this powerlessness, consider how you can help from home. For example, you can engage with charities anytime. Read more to learn how to help charities without leaving your home and boost your sense of engagement.

Clean up and Find Items to Donate

As you’re at home, you may turn to cleaning to occupy your time. Make cleaning even more productive by training your efforts on finding items to donate. This others-focused goal will give a typically tedious task purpose and perhaps help you finish it sooner. Also, you can find clothes, devices, and supplies that other people need more than you do. To safely transport these items, consider donating to a charity that receives donation shipments.

Volunteer Your Technological Talents

Because the world is interconnected via the internet, there are also many ways to help charities from behind a screen. If you know how to take a skeletal website and turn it into a streamlined tool, consider offering your time for free to a charity that needs it. It’s easy enough to find candidates who need a site makeover through your own searching. Otherwise, you can offer to translate online, test software tools, and more. Different charitable organizations will need certain tasks done, and if you communicate with charities you care about, you may find your niche.

Give Online

A more straightforward way to help charities without leaving your home is to directly give money online. Again, technology makes this very simple and helps you connect to organizations you would have no way to interact with otherwise. Do your online research, though—follow some essential tips for choosing a charity to ensure that you donate to a trusted and effective organization.

Spread Some Do-Gooding

Though you need specific skills to offer your virtual services, anyone with a social media account can advocate for a charitable cause online. Take note of how charities encourage others to give, and either make your own posts accordingly or offer to partner with a charity. If they agree, you can market their good work from your home. Tracking their progress as you advocate for them roots you in their work and affords you agency you didn’t feel before.


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