Non-licensed company providing ‘fire inspections’ in Germantown

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The Germantown Fire Marshal’s office has been made aware that a non-licensed company is once again providing inspections of fire extinguishers and kitchen suppression systems in local restaurants.
The company, Young Fire Protection, does not possess the required Tennessee licenses to provide these services. Germantown and other local Fire Marshal’s offices are working alongside the State Fire Marshal’s office to address this issue.
Local businesses that have been falsely inspected by Young Fire Protection are asked to file a formal complaint through the State Fire Marshal’s office by visiting
In addition, local businesses that have had their extinguishers and suppression systems falsely inspected by Young Fire Protection will be required to have a state licensed company come inspect and re-tag the extinguishers and/or fire suppression systems.
There are a number of properly licensed companies in Shelby County and the surrounding areas that can provide inspections.