Team Waste secures another section of county after Germantown awards solid waste contract


By Aarron Fleming

The City of Germantown Mayor and Alderman Board voted on May 24 to enter into a contract with Quad County Environmental Solutions LLC to take care of its solid waste pickup for the next five years.
Team Waste, Quad County’s waste pickup service, will begin their contract with the city on July 1 and will hold it until June 30, 2026.
According to the contract, the city currently holds a contract with both Team Waste and BFI Waste Systems of North America. Both contracts, however, expire on June 30.
“Based on the opening of an additional landfill in the area, a decision was made to conduct a bid for solid waste disposal,” the contract stated.
A spokesperson for Team Waste was unavailable to comment on the new contract with Germantown.
The new contract now puts Team Waste in control of the solid waste pickup for three municipalities: Germantown, Lakeland and a section of Memphis.
Lakeland entered into a contract with the company in November of last year and agreed to let them control solid waste pick up for the next five years, similar to Germantown.
The City of Memphis’ entered into an emergency contract with the company during a battle with Waste Pro, the company that it previously used for solid waste pickup, that ended with the city severing ties with the company.
The city claimed that Waste Pro was not holding up its end of the bargain after dozens of residents complained that their garbage was going untouched for weeks before pickup.
Before the termination, Waste Pro was responsible for solid waste pick up for a large area of Memphis called Area E which includes Cordova, Hickory Hill and parts of East Memphis, all of which Team Waste now controls.
On April 11, Mayor Jim Strickland sent a letter to Waste Pro signaling effective termination of its contract with the company.
Strickland’s letter listed high amounts of missed collection complaints, whole routes, streets and neighborhoods being missed, incompletion of daily routes and failure to have enough qualified personnel to perform all services required under the contract as the reason for the termination.
Strickland gave the company 20 days from March 15 to fix their problems, but ultimately concluded in the letter that they failed to do so.
“Based on the information available as of close of business on April 10, 2021, the data evidencing complaint totals that from the period of March 15, 2021, through April 10, 2021, Waste Pro failed to cure its breach within the prescribed time period,” the letter said.
Team Waste then officially took over the area that Waste Pro was covering.
The company is continuing to service the area in the absence of a decision by the city to find a new company to enter into a formal contract with or task city garbage crews with adding Area E into their routes.