The 4 Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen for Hearty Appetites

The 4 Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen for Hearty Appetites

It’s time to fully delve into some home improvement projects for the summer. You may have put them off for other beginning-of-summer tasks, but now’s the time to dive in. If you start now, you’ll have the second half of the summer to enjoy your success. The project we suggest today has to do with your kitchen. Did you know that some colors encourage a bigger appetite in comparison to others? Make sure you can spur along hearty appetites and calm vibes with these best colors to paint your kitchen. Learn more below!


Green is a paint powerhouse. When you look into color theory and the beauty of greens, you’ll learn that green reminds people of health and nature. Most importantly, it’s considered one of the most relaxing colors—and there are so many shades that will fit your needs. If you’re hoping to delve into a healthier appetite, then paint your kitchen green. Light green or deep green—it doesn’t matter!


Red is probably one of the top colors to paint your kitchen, especially if you’re hoping to stimulate an appetite. It’s known for encouraging hunger and even promoting thoughts that involve hunger. In essence, if you step into a red-walled kitchen, you may notice your hunger increase. Red can get overpowering, though, so we recommend splashing in some taming colors such as creams and whites.


In a similar sense, warm oranges also stimulate appetites. Orange is a great choice if red is too rich for your tastes. Deep oranges give the happiness and energy of yellow paired with the passion and bravery (to finish a big meal!) of red. Better yet, in a design mindset, oranges actually pair well with quite a variety of accent colors. Whether you really want to brighten up the kitchen with white accents, create a deeper atmosphere with some black, or keep it calm with grays, you have options!


Why yellow? Have you ever noticed how a lot of fast food restaurants use yellow in their branding? Think about the top fast food restaurants—almost all of them have some sort of yellow in their design (you could say the same about reds). This isn’t an accident! A lot of people associate happiness—which yellow encourages—with food. When you bring some pale yellows into your kitchen, you stimulate that happiness and spark hunger!

If you think it’s time to change up your kitchen design, consider having your paint delivered! It’s a simple way to get the colors you’re looking for, find eco-friendly options, and get started fast. Try it out!


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