Top Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

Top Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

Pet ownership is fun, but it’s also a huge responsibility. When you add that adorable dog or cat to your family, it’s your job to protect them in your home—and protect your home from them! To keep your home safe for your furry friends, try these top ways to pet-proof your home.

Walk Through Your House

You may not even realize it, but your home is full of dangers for your pet. Before you bring your pet home, do a complete walkthrough of your house. What foods in the kitchen might be dangerous for your dog or cat? Are there any chemicals in the bathroom or garage that your pet could easily ingest? Which items lying in your living room or bedroom might be at risk of destruction from your pet or pose a threat to them? Take note of and neutralize any dangers.

Store Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Once you’ve established which items in your home could be dangerous to your pet, make sure to store them out of reach in a safe place that isn’t accessible to your pet. Remember that while dogs mainly stay on the floor, cats can reach higher areas in your home and fit into tight spaces. Pet-proof your home accordingly.

Pet-Proof Your Furniture

While your furniture doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to your pet, your pet may pose a threat to your furniture. For that reason, it’s important to pet-proof the furniture in your home well. If you already have a pet and are purchasing new furniture, you need to account for them. Choose materials that are durable and resistant to hair, drool, chewing, and scratches. Protect any furniture you have by adding protective coverings or moving delicate pieces out of your pet’s reach.

Using these top ways to pet-proof your home will keep both your pet and your home safe from harm. Plus, your home will be cleaner and more enjoyable for everyone, humans and pets alike.